Karolina Beimcik in her work as an educator focuses on voice, composition, and ethnomusicology. In her teaching she also uses many different methods such as Alexander Technique and yoga.

She has been holding workshops and lecturing throughout  Mexico and Austria.

Karolina provides her workshops and lessons for students with various levels of musical and arts backgrounds ( university students, primary schoolers and high schoolers).

Please contact Karolina  HERE  if you’d like to invite her to lead a workshop or give a lesson/lecture.


Knowing Karolina’s music and being in her classes were incredible moments. She let me see that in addition to the musical intellect there must be fluency, sincerity and love for what we do. She is a teacher who encourages musical creativity.

     Sofía Nahomi

The thing I internalized more about the teachings of Karolina is that you don’t have to play complicated chords to play jazz or any other genre, you can search for colors, sensations, feelings. Another thing is that, the melodies you play create sensations to others so it’s very important to ‘know’ where your feet are (musically speaking) to transmit what you intent to make feel to your audience. And last but not least, your attitude is the most important thing when you play for other people. It’s not only about the theoretical part of playing.  You play not just for yourself but for others and share that energy with others is the most uplifting feeling, for me at least.

Thank you! for reminding me the joy of playing for other people.
Cesare Millán Martínez