Karolina Beimcik was born in Poznań, Poland. She is trained as a classical violinist and jazz singer, drawing from many other influences, including Polish and Ukrainian folk music and poetry.

In addition to her Master’s Degree in Jazz Performance which she obtained at Queens College in New York City, Beimcik also earned her MA in Cultural Studies at the Adam Mickiewicz Univeristy in Poland.



Her awards and accolades include the Second Prize at the New Tradition Festival with the project “Babooshki”, Grand Prix at The Niemen Non-Stop Festival, Polish Television Special Prize, Marshall of Pomerania Prize, Second Prize at The International Jazz Singers Competition in Zamosc.

For last couple of years she has been a leader of prominent musical projects: Babooshki, Zorya and Karolina Beimcik Quartet. With these groups she has performed extensively in New York, Washington and Europe. She has  recorded acclaimed albums: “ Kolędy i Szczedriwki”, “Vesna”,  for which she was nominated to the Folkowy Fonogram Roku Award.

Additionally, her “Kolędy i Szczedriwiki” was honored as the Album of The Year in Japan.

In July 2017 Karolina Beimcik was selected to the artist residency program Citizen Artist Incubator in Linz, Austria where she spent one intensive and transformative month that prepares 15 of Europe’s most promising artist for their vital role in global challenges.

Inspired by the world around her, and fascinated by her fellow human, one of the focuses of Karolina’s work is the function of society and interpersonal relationships. Following her passion, in September 2017 Karolina became artist – in- residence in Marocco where she studied its culture and many different styles of the traditional Moroccan music.

In addition to Karolina Beimcik’s special performing skills, she is an author of many articles. She participated in numerous festivals and conferences, such as  the most prestigious jazz festival in Europe, Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa (Bielsko- Biała, Poland) and the scientific conference  SOUND IN LANDSCAPE – Present status and future strategy for research. Her scientific contribution has been published as a chapter Sound aspects of creating urban space and its perception.

in 2019 she spent 4 months in India teaching at the Global Music Institute, the  academic partner of  Berklee College of Music in Boston.

She received stipends from Polish Society of Authors and Composers (2014) (2018), (2019) and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (2017. 2019).

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