Zorya online!

Hello dear friends,

I just wanted to let you know that Zorya is available online now at bandcamp.com.
Thank you for listening and supporting my project.



Mexico Tour 2018

Hello friends!

Here are some dates for my Mexico tour in March.

Can’t wait to meet some new bandmates, students and friends on my way!

(More datails and dates coming soon)

Happy Friday,


Lela i Lado – official song release

Hello friends,

This is the official song from my new album ZORYA.

The title Lela i Lado reffers to the Slavic deities: Lela, who in the Southern Slavs’ religion, has a role of the mother of the forest and the bride of the Sun, and Lado, who is the Slavic god of fire, order, law, and spring revival.




Hello Guys,

This is a short video made by my good friend Edward Gavitt about the Zorya project in New York.
Please, enjoy!


New album coming out soon!

Dear friends,

I’m humbled and joyful to let you know that my album ZORYA will be released exactly one month from now.

On March I’m going to share the music from ZORYA around Mexico for almost one month during my music tour. It’s going to be also the opportunity to meet me at the masterclasses which I will lead at some cities.

Stay tuned!